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Tips for a Healthy Fall

Family Fun

Now that the weather is getting cooler, it’s a great time to get the family outside. Monitoring screen time — TV and computer — is especially important once school starts to keep children focused. 

  • Chores can be fun. Raking leaves doesn’t have to be hard work. Turn it into a game! Parents, that goes for you, too. You’re never too old to enjoy jumping into a pile of leaves.
  • Play games between games. When you’re watching your favorite team play on TV, take a break during halftime to throw the pigskin around.
  • Pick some pumpkins. Visit your local farmer’s market and pick out pumpkins to carve. It’s a fun way to get the family together while supporting your local community.

  • Take a hike. The leaves are beautiful and the weather is perfect. Get the family outside to soak it in. Visit a local hiking trail. If you don’t have time for hiking, simply take the family for a walk after dinner.

Preventive Care

  • A flu shot protects you and those around you. To learn more about the influenza vaccine, check out this overview from the Center for Disease Control (CDC): Influenza Vaccine
  • Sleep schedules are just as important as school schedules. Remember, the body repairs itself at night while you are sleeping. If you don’t get enough sleep, you start the next day in an already impaired state. Learn about the steps you can take to prepare yourself for a good night’s rest: Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep.

  • Make sure you’re up to date with routine physicals and regular doctor checkups. If you are a BlueCross BlueShield member and don’t have a regular doctor, you can easily find a provider on our website.

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